Friday, September 27, 2013

SBCC (Skinny Bitch Curvy Chick) Free T-Shirt Pattern

This pattern comes highly recommended by so many of our PatternReview friends, and now I know why.  I am 5' 1" so the pattern worked very well for me.  It's cut for petites (5' 4" and under), thus the length measurements are much closer to my own.  I didn't have to remove length in the back-waist the way I usually do with other patterns.  I did however, add an inch or so to the hem since reviewers said this shirt is short.  As stated by other PR members, the fit of this shirt is snug, so I cut mine using M-L-L.  My actual measurements fall between S-M on top, and M in the waist and hip. I do not like when t-shirts cling around my middle and show bulges when I sit so this worked out perfect for me.  It's flattering  and doesn't cling.

The fabric is from a maxi dress I bought about a year ago.  It was cheap and I really thought I'd wear it... but it's a dress... so I never did.  I really liked the border detail at the hem, so I chopped off the skirt and used it for my t-shirt.  It's a very thin fabric though, and needed to be lined.  I used some plain white cotton t-shirt knit which was also too thin to use alone.  Now, I have a functional t-shirt that fits well.  :)

So, is this a type 2 type fabric?  Close, but maybe not quite... it's a little bold.   I might stick it in a dye bath, but I don't think it'll change the black.  It does go well with my jeans and my shorts.  And did you know.... with the darker color across the middle, and lighter strips across the shoulder and hips, my waist appears to be an actual waist!  It's not as obvious in these pics, but I noticed it when I was checking the fit of this shirt in the mirror.  Now that's a happy coinicidence!

And that completes my 4 piece Mini Wardrobe entries.  :)   I got it done and have 4 new pieces I can enjoy... Automatic winner!   Next month is a lined jacket contest.  I think I'll enter that one with the jacket pattern I wanted to work on.  Haven't started yet and I know I'll need lots of time to work on it. 

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