Friday, April 9, 2010

Simplicity Fish pattern turned Shark

A while back I used the Simplicity 4926: Fish costume pattern to make a shark.  Here's the shark:

 The review is posted on  A PR friend wants to make one for her son so I offered to post the pics of the shark pattern pieces.  So this one's for you. I hope it's helpful.  If you have any trouble with it, feel free to contact me.

Here's a picture of the white underside piece.  I laid the fish piece on top so you can see what I did to adapt it.

And this one is the body/tail piece.  The little U shape in the bottom/front is actually supposed to be cut out.  That will be where the pectoral fins would be sewn in.

Here's his head.  This one was a little bit tricky to get just right so the mouth is kinda under the head, but you can still see out of it. 

These are the pectoral fins.   They should fit neatly into the shoulder holes on the pattern.  Measure the seam along the right side to make sure it'll fit.

Teeth were cut from two layers of a thick interfacing (if I remember correctly).  For those, I just measured the length of the mouth openings and cut a strip of teeth with a 5/8" seam allowance along the bottom.

Foam is extremely hard to work with, but if you have strong hands, I would recommend it.  The thicknesses make it nearly impossible to fit under the presser foot, and I'm not sure if you'll be able to maneuver those curves for the shark underside.  I used a couple layers of thick interfacing since it was such a struggle to work on the fish using the foam.    And he will probably need a support rod along the back, and maybe around his sides too.  I used a couple of foam supports that my son had for another toy to keep it from wilting.

Please send me a pic of your shark when you finish and share your adventure with me.  Good luck and happy sewing!

Last Halloween, my son decided he wanted to be a Star Wars character, but dad and uncle wore the shark and fish costumes to take him trick or treating.  I think they had more fun than he did.