Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Them's sum sexy fishin' lures...

I made this one for my college age daughter.  I'll try to get a picture with a body in it when she comes home. It's a pattern from an old Burda magazine, July 98 issue.  I can't believe I still have it. The pattern in the magazine has only the metal rings, but I couldn't find nice, sturdy looking rings and decided to check out some fishing tackle instead.  These metal rings and parts are swivels and stuff that I got for a couple dollars in Walmart's fishing supply department. 

Here's a view of the back.

And on the inside, I added a built in bra.  It's not really for support, more to provide some coverage so nothing shows through.   

It was an interesting pattern, and I had fun making it.  The sleeves will require reshaping as the shoulder seam seems to be a bit pointy.  I think it's suppose to sit on the curve of the shoulder, but it doesn't look right.  I ended up flattening out the shoulder seam.  Also, I would add a couple more inches to the hem next time...if there is a next time... and there might be because now my younger daughter thinks this is a cool shirt.

There are a couple more unusual looking tops in this issue so I think I'll try making more of them....  Funny... when I first bought this issue, I thought these would be a little to daring.  Strange what age will do to us... I think I might try wearing one of those someday.

Monday, January 11, 2010

My new bathroom!

This is a little late, I've had these up for a couple months now, but here are those new curtains for my bathroom! I love them. This medium weight, slighly stiff, off white fabric is perfect as it lets enough light through without allowing anyone to see inside at night. Now that looks so much nicer than that yellow remnant I had hanging up there.

All my blue and green barkcloth scraps are gone now, but I still have tons more to use up. I might make a batch of shower curtains and put them up for sale, they're not that hard to do, and I'd really like to pick up a REAL grommet setter someday. I've been using the one that comes with the grommets in the sewing supplies and it doesn't last very long. I've made several shower curtains already and it's looking like it's going to fall apart.

I'm really pleased with these. They were simple to make and really make a difference in my bathroom.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Shopper's Vest

Saf-T-Pockets has a vest pattern made for travelers and shoppers.  My mother (travel agent/tour escort), has wanted one for years.  This past Christmas, I dug through the stash of fabrics she's been bringing back from Japan for me to work with and constructed this.  There are pieces of kasuri, yukata fabric, and cotton remnants.  The body is made with silk noil and the inner lining is cotton poplin.  I cut the medium, tapering it to large. 

It's shapeless and bulky, especially when the pockets are filled, but it serves the purpose it was made for.  I would like to say it's perfect, but the shoulder seams are extremely long.  I should've shortened it by about 1" in order for it to fit her narrow shoulders.  But she's very happy with the space around the bottom and the many pockets on the inside.
Here's a picture of a detail I place on the back. 

And a view of the inner pockets on the left side.  I made the eye glasses pocket horizontal, with it half sewn across the top.  You can see my glasses peeking out.   The right side is similar, except there is a pen pocket and no chest pocket.  She requested separate pockets to fit her travel wallet, passport, eye glasses on one side, credit cards, camera, and other "stuff" on the other.  It also has inseam pockets on both sides.

The pattern also includes a large pocket in the back, and pockets under each arm.  I made the underarm pockets wider, but did not put in the back pocket.  The pockets are simple patch pockets, easy to adjust and sew on.  

I think I'd rather carry a bag than wear a vest as bulky as this... but I'm sure it works for her.  She's been traveling for many years and knows what she wants!