Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Them's sum sexy fishin' lures...

I made this one for my college age daughter.  I'll try to get a picture with a body in it when she comes home. It's a pattern from an old Burda magazine, July 98 issue.  I can't believe I still have it. The pattern in the magazine has only the metal rings, but I couldn't find nice, sturdy looking rings and decided to check out some fishing tackle instead.  These metal rings and parts are swivels and stuff that I got for a couple dollars in Walmart's fishing supply department. 

Here's a view of the back.

And on the inside, I added a built in bra.  It's not really for support, more to provide some coverage so nothing shows through.   

It was an interesting pattern, and I had fun making it.  The sleeves will require reshaping as the shoulder seam seems to be a bit pointy.  I think it's suppose to sit on the curve of the shoulder, but it doesn't look right.  I ended up flattening out the shoulder seam.  Also, I would add a couple more inches to the hem next time...if there is a next time... and there might be because now my younger daughter thinks this is a cool shirt.

There are a couple more unusual looking tops in this issue so I think I'll try making more of them....  Funny... when I first bought this issue, I thought these would be a little to daring.  Strange what age will do to us... I think I might try wearing one of those someday.

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Katharine in Brussels said...

Alluring and very creative. Walmart's tackle department never looked so good. Go ahead, wear something like this for yourself. When are you ever going to look more beautiful? What else are clothes for but to enjoy them?