Friday, January 20, 2012

Grocery shopping bags

Okay... I got a little side tracked from my original plan.  I found a website that had a really nice tutorial for grocery bags and had some perfect fabric in the stash to make them.  So I did.  This stash entry used up 4 1/2 yards.  I made three large lined bags and one small unlined bag.  
 I found instructions to make the larger lined one on  Click Here to go there and make your own.    There is an optional pocket used to fold the bag into a little square to keep things neat.  I don't think I'd bother to fold them up and  turn them into the pocket to make them all neat and tidy.    Instead, I fold them neatly enough and stick them into the smaller bag. Or maybe I'll just stuff them in when I'm lazy.  It works for me.  Here's my bag of bags.

It's actually quite a simple project, made a little more difficult by lining.  Keep it simple by NOT lining it and just finishing the edges with bias tape (like my little bag) and you'll have them done in no time.  :)  Happy Sewing!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hot Patterns 1121 is AWESOME!

It's a beauty!  And a quickie!  Here's my version:

And here's a few tips if you decide you've gotta have one for yourself.

The pattern runs long... I shortened the top by 2" mostly because I didn't have enough fabric, but this length actually turned out perfect for me.  The dress was shortened by a lot more.

I'm small on top, so I reduced the fullness in the bust a teeny bit.  Most reviewers have said it's perfect for larger ladies, so if you are bigger than a B, try it out without making adjustments.  Here's the adjustment I made for mine so it wouldn't bag around the boobs.  You can see I pinched out about 1/8" between each notch on both the facing and the front bodice.  I'm pretty sure this helped and would NOT want to see it with more fabric over the bustline.

And I shortened the dress by at least 5", probably more like 7"  because if I didn't it would probably be a full length gown... didn't want that.  You can see where I shortened the pattern for the dress. Here's the short persons version:

This is not a very flattering picture... honestly... the dress looks lots better in real life.

Now there's an odd piece for the hem... facings, on a simple, drapey knit dress.  I decided to eliminate the facings and just turn the hem up 1/4" and sew it.  I used wooly nylon in the bobbin and regular thread on top.  You could do a double needle hem, but I didn't have mine with me so I just did a simple hem.  It looks fine to me.  Personally, I think the faced hems would add too much bulk at the hem and might even ruin the soft, drapey look of this design. 

I cut 8/10/10 corresponding to my measurements and I like the fit fine.  It's loose, but still flattering. 

Like it?  Want one for yourself?  I'll bet you get some mileage out of this pattern: 
Hot Patterns Riviera Cote D'Azur Knit Dress, Tunic and Top

Fabric Stash Contest 2012

Okay... I entered's 2012 fabric stash contest.  I have way too much fabric and I can't allow myself to buy anymore till I use a fair amount.  Unless it's for work of course....

So here's my plan so far...

Hot Patterns 1121  Cote D'Azur knit top and maybe dress.
I have a yard left of a wonderful rayon/cotton knit I bought and have made at least 3 tops from it.  I can squeeze in one more + a panty.  I also have 2 1/2 yards of some blue poly knit jersey with beautiful drape that would look lovely.  If the top works out well, I'll do the dress too. 

Hot Patterns 1091 Wong-Singh-Jones Marrakesh Drawstring Pants
Brown Linen I bought several months back... Pattern is ready, just haven't got around to doing it.  This one would use about 2 1/2 yards.
Oooooo... I just found some black raw silk too...  This must be ages old.  I don't even remember purchasing it.  This would make beautiful pants!  I might make it with this instead of the linen...The linen is not as soft as I thought it would be.

Simplicity 2860  Amazing Fit Pants
I know I have some black fabric somewhere...  It's a staple. If I can't find it, I still have more brown linen.  I'll make a pair for my daughter, maybe myself.  That'll use another 2 yards.

New Look 6952 Shirt with hidden button opening.
I have some light blue stretch poplin I bought some time ago.  It would be perfect and will use up another 11/2 yards.  And if I can squeeze the sleeveless version onto this beautiful linen print, I'll do that too.  I only have 1 yard of that one.

Hopeful Total:  10 1/2 yards

But then of course, that's only if work doesn't pick up.  Right now it's a little slow, but I still plan on working on some shop items in the mornings, along with a few items I'm working on for clients  (a set of aloha shirts and a vest).  I've been saving my personal sewing for afternoons, while I'm helping my son with homework.  His work area is right next to my sewing space... how convenient!  :)  So if I focus on my stuff while he works, I can get quite a bit done.

Happy sewing in 2012 everyone!