Friday, January 20, 2012

Grocery shopping bags

Okay... I got a little side tracked from my original plan.  I found a website that had a really nice tutorial for grocery bags and had some perfect fabric in the stash to make them.  So I did.  This stash entry used up 4 1/2 yards.  I made three large lined bags and one small unlined bag.  
 I found instructions to make the larger lined one on  Click Here to go there and make your own.    There is an optional pocket used to fold the bag into a little square to keep things neat.  I don't think I'd bother to fold them up and  turn them into the pocket to make them all neat and tidy.    Instead, I fold them neatly enough and stick them into the smaller bag. Or maybe I'll just stuff them in when I'm lazy.  It works for me.  Here's my bag of bags.

It's actually quite a simple project, made a little more difficult by lining.  Keep it simple by NOT lining it and just finishing the edges with bias tape (like my little bag) and you'll have them done in no time.  :)  Happy Sewing!

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Kris C. said...

I have been meaning to make fabric grocery bags for quite some time, and your post is inspiring me to finally do it! Thanks for linking the tutorial.