Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hot Patterns 1121 is AWESOME!

It's a beauty!  And a quickie!  Here's my version:

And here's a few tips if you decide you've gotta have one for yourself.

The pattern runs long... I shortened the top by 2" mostly because I didn't have enough fabric, but this length actually turned out perfect for me.  The dress was shortened by a lot more.

I'm small on top, so I reduced the fullness in the bust a teeny bit.  Most reviewers have said it's perfect for larger ladies, so if you are bigger than a B, try it out without making adjustments.  Here's the adjustment I made for mine so it wouldn't bag around the boobs.  You can see I pinched out about 1/8" between each notch on both the facing and the front bodice.  I'm pretty sure this helped and would NOT want to see it with more fabric over the bustline.

And I shortened the dress by at least 5", probably more like 7"  because if I didn't it would probably be a full length gown... didn't want that.  You can see where I shortened the pattern for the dress. Here's the short persons version:

This is not a very flattering picture... honestly... the dress looks lots better in real life.

Now there's an odd piece for the hem... facings, on a simple, drapey knit dress.  I decided to eliminate the facings and just turn the hem up 1/4" and sew it.  I used wooly nylon in the bobbin and regular thread on top.  You could do a double needle hem, but I didn't have mine with me so I just did a simple hem.  It looks fine to me.  Personally, I think the faced hems would add too much bulk at the hem and might even ruin the soft, drapey look of this design. 

I cut 8/10/10 corresponding to my measurements and I like the fit fine.  It's loose, but still flattering. 

Like it?  Want one for yourself?  I'll bet you get some mileage out of this pattern: 
Hot Patterns Riviera Cote D'Azur Knit Dress, Tunic and Top

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