Sunday, May 25, 2014

April Sewing - KS Yoga pants and top

I'm a little late posting, but I did get these items done last month.  Using Kwik Sew 3115, I made 2 pairs of  long yoga pants, and 1 shorter one, and two tank tops.  :)   Here they are:
After making the mauve tank top, I decided to lower the neckline by about 1" and cut it slightly wider.  It's more comfortable.  I used the leftovers from the pants to trim the neckline and armholes and to add a strip across the bust since the grey fabric is a little thin and might become transparent if it gets wet. It was recycled from an old polo shirt that belonged to my husband.

For the shorter length pants, I sewed the leg openings much smaller than the pattern.  Mine are about 12". I tapered them from the hip to a couple inches below the knee to get them to a length I liked.  These are comfortable, but the brown fabric is slightly thinner than the other two.  It's still usable though, and very soft.

And yes, at least 3x a week I get in a short workout, though I got lazy this week and skipped workouts.  But next week, I'm adding 30 minute walk/jogs on alternating days.  Doctor's orders...  I need to get exercise.  And now I can use normal workout gear instead of  jeans. 

April was a productive month for workout gear.  May (nearly over, but I think I can squeeze in something...) will be either a set of undies, or a new knit top.  I found lots of  knits for 2.99/yd and am looking forward to making them into some summer tops, but I desperately need to replace some of my shabby undies.