Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Yoga Pants

I bought this wonderfully soft, comfy Ponte de Roma from Fabric.com about a month ago and am loving it!  I will have to buy  more!  I wasn't sure I'd like it, the fabric content is 80% polyester/ 15% rayon/ 5% lycra.  I was thinking of those 70's double knits whenever I heard "ponte", but after learning a little more about it, I found out it's totally different.  If you look for Ponte de Roma (not just Ponte) you'll end up with a nice quality knit.  This one is perfect for my yoga pants. It has a little bit of weight to it and is soft and smooth.

 I'm using Kwik Sew 3115, a TNT pattern in my stash.  According to my measurements, I cut a size Medium.  My waist is between M and L, but I'm hoping to lose a few pounds now that I've started working out with my son.  He keeps me motivated.  This fits me well enough for now and maybe in a few months,  it will look a little smoother as I get into better shape. It has a loose comfortable fit and doesn't cling.

This pattern is really easy to put together and can be done in just a couple hours.  I used a drawstring waistband elastic instead of regular elastic.  It gives it a more RTW look.    Pull the cord out before sewing the ends of the elastic together for obvious reasons...  And make eyelets on the waistband to stick the cord through.

Here's what the waistband looks like from the inside before sewing it onto the pants.

And here's the finished pants.  Comfy and ready for a workout!  :)

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Type 1 Dress up time! RWBY - red

I had an unfortunate playground accident and could not use my fingers for a week.  Thus all sewing had come to a halt.  But with tender fingers now healing, and I can get back to sewing for a few hours a day.  I've been finishing up the RWBY cosplay for my daughter.  Here it is. She is definitely a Type 1... cosplay is one of her favorite things to do.

And now I can get back to sewing some things for myself.  This month, I want to finish a pair of yoga pants and a casual t-shirt or workout shirt.  If I have extra fabric, I'll make a pair of yoga shorts too.  I do have a bunch of stuff for work, but I'm pretty sure I'll have time for my own things this month.  :)

Monday, March 3, 2014

Personal Sewing Goals for 2014

Having some goals for myself helps me remember what I had planned when my head is full of new ideas I want to try.  It seems every time I finish a project for work, I sit in my sewing room, spending hours trying to decide which project I want to finish, start, plan or just do!  Today I'm going to prioritize my goal list so I'll know where to start.

This was an AHA" moment for me, and I know it's a little late, being the beginning of March already, but I'd better make them now so I don't spend the rest of the year muddling around in my sewing room on those days when there's no work.

1)  Sew 1 or 2 garments a month for myself, following the DYT - type2 guidelines for dressing.
2)  Finish 1 quilt per season.  I have 1 finished quilt top, 1 partially quilted BOM project, 1/2 of a quilt-as-you-go type quilt I use for practicing FMQ, and a bunch of McKenna Ryan blocks that I cut to make into some window shades.     4 quilt projects to finish this year.
3)  Make new window blinds/shades/curtains for ALL my naked windows at home.

Okay.  That's it.  These are the things I'll focus on when I don't have other sewing commitments.

First though, I've made a commitment to my daughter.  I promised I'd make her a cosplay for the upcoming Kawaii Kon this year.  That was her Christmas present so I'd better get to work on it now.  :)  Kawaii Kon is the first weekend in April.  Here's what I'll be working on when I don't have work:
She's doing the accessories, I'm just sewing the garments... whew... I'm glad I'm not making that scythe. 

Friday, September 27, 2013

SBCC (Skinny Bitch Curvy Chick) Free T-Shirt Pattern

This pattern comes highly recommended by so many of our PatternReview friends, and now I know why.  I am 5' 1" so the pattern worked very well for me.  It's cut for petites (5' 4" and under), thus the length measurements are much closer to my own.  I didn't have to remove length in the back-waist the way I usually do with other patterns.  I did however, add an inch or so to the hem since reviewers said this shirt is short.  As stated by other PR members, the fit of this shirt is snug, so I cut mine using M-L-L.  My actual measurements fall between S-M on top, and M in the waist and hip. I do not like when t-shirts cling around my middle and show bulges when I sit so this worked out perfect for me.  It's flattering  and doesn't cling.

The fabric is from a maxi dress I bought about a year ago.  It was cheap and I really thought I'd wear it... but it's a dress... so I never did.  I really liked the border detail at the hem, so I chopped off the skirt and used it for my t-shirt.  It's a very thin fabric though, and needed to be lined.  I used some plain white cotton t-shirt knit which was also too thin to use alone.  Now, I have a functional t-shirt that fits well.  :)

So, is this a type 2 type fabric?  Close, but maybe not quite... it's a little bold.   I might stick it in a dye bath, but I don't think it'll change the black.  It does go well with my jeans and my shorts.  And did you know.... with the darker color across the middle, and lighter strips across the shoulder and hips, my waist appears to be an actual waist!  It's not as obvious in these pics, but I noticed it when I was checking the fit of this shirt in the mirror.  Now that's a happy coinicidence!

And that completes my 4 piece Mini Wardrobe entries.  :)   I got it done and have 4 new pieces I can enjoy... Automatic winner!   Next month is a lined jacket contest.  I think I'll enter that one with the jacket pattern I wanted to work on.  Haven't started yet and I know I'll need lots of time to work on it. 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Butterick 3595 with waterfall collar - part 1

I've seen some very positive reviews about this pattern, and have always wanted to make it.  But then I saw this jacket:

And fell in love with the collar!  So I decided to adapt my pattern to add the waterfall collar.  Now, I haven't drafted for many years now.  I've been buying patterns when I sew for myself or family because I'm usually sewing Home Dec projects for work.  But I have about 1 week more to concentrate on my own things before I might have work flowing in again, so I'm going to get this collar drafted!

I've consulted my Patternmaking book and the only helpful thing could figure out was that this collar is based on a shawl collar design.  So I'm starting with that.  Then after consulting with some of the helpful ladies at PatternReview.com,  I managed to figure out how the waterfall collar was drafted.  So now it's trial and error.

Here's my first draft at the front pieces.

After folding the collar to what I'd like it to look like, it seems a little wimpy.... see?

I'm thinking of lengthening it a little more and adding a bit more to the Center Back seam.  Crossing my fingers.
And yes, I know I should be taking pics to post of my recent Mini-Wardrobe entries, but I REALLY want to have this jacket!  :D  I'll get to those pics soon....