Monday, January 11, 2010

My new bathroom!

This is a little late, I've had these up for a couple months now, but here are those new curtains for my bathroom! I love them. This medium weight, slighly stiff, off white fabric is perfect as it lets enough light through without allowing anyone to see inside at night. Now that looks so much nicer than that yellow remnant I had hanging up there.

All my blue and green barkcloth scraps are gone now, but I still have tons more to use up. I might make a batch of shower curtains and put them up for sale, they're not that hard to do, and I'd really like to pick up a REAL grommet setter someday. I've been using the one that comes with the grommets in the sewing supplies and it doesn't last very long. I've made several shower curtains already and it's looking like it's going to fall apart.

I'm really pleased with these. They were simple to make and really make a difference in my bathroom.

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