Wednesday, September 11, 2013

MacPhee Patterns Linda's Best Dress & Top

For my first Mini Wardrobe piece, I constructed a simple knit top using MacPhee Patterns Linda's Best Top.  It's flattering and modest, with the neckline comfortably high enough so any leaning over will NOT offer a free show...  in fact, I might cut the neckline slightly wider next time, so it'll be cooler.  Here's the pattern:

You might just pass this one by... it's not spectacular looking by the line drawings, but it's a wonderful, quick fix when you want an attractive garment.  I did have to make a few adjustments the first time around. I made a dress, which I never use, but love the fit of.  It still hangs in my closet and I don't think I'll ever use it. It's not a T2 dress, black and bright pink... but I made this pre-DYT.   I almost never wear dresses this one included, but not because it doesn't fit.  Here's a pic of the finished, adjusted dress:

Adjustments I made:
Raised the empire waist by about 1/2".  I'm short, so if you're not, you may not have to do this.  I'm also small in the bust, so the dress kinda just hung.
Which brings me to the second adjustment I made.  
I took in about 2" total around the empire waistline.  Some of it was reshaped into the center back seam, the rest along the side seams.  It was shapeless till I did that, but it looks great now.

And here is a pic of the finished top:

Another pic with a body in it...

Ooooo.. I can hardly wait till I have a new pair of jeans to go with it!   And I just ordered more rayon jersey to make another one.

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