Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Grainline Designs Maritime shorts #2

Piece #2 for my Mini wardrobe entry is a pair of  very soft and comfy shorts.  It's a very dark plum color in wide wale corduroy.  Amazingly soft and cooshy.... I love them.  I think I might even wear these out of the house!  Did I tell you I never wear shorts out unless I'm going to the beach or the pool?  Yeah... I was brought up wearing dresses or long pants to school.  Shorts were to casual for school, only appropriate for home.  Not anymore.

Here's my favorite pair of shorts. It doesn't have much competition since there's only two others, and one is the test piece, but I did add a few extra special touches to this one.

 I added some very wide belt loops, thin ones didn't seem right for this fabric.  And I added an elastic to the the back half.  It fit fine before the elastic, there was just enough space to feel comfortable when I sat and relaxed, and I could definitely eat without worry of bursting buttons.  But I really prefer a waistline that's snug so it won't slip if some child happens to grab at my pants.  I'm sure my hips would stop them from falling, but just in case...
And instead of using hooks (which I'm finding inconvenient on my grey test shorts), I used buttons.  They don't poke, are easy to undo and are just as nice.  

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velosewer said...

Thank you both short pattern reviews. I like the versions you've made and your notes.