Friday, August 30, 2013

Grainline Designs Maritime Shorts

I saw a couple reviews for this cute pair of shorts and it's been so hot and humid here.  I want a pair of shorts sooooo badly!  Now in my current wardrobe, I have only one pair of shorts that I rarely use.  Most of my bottoms are capri length or longer.  I do NOT have lovely legs... let me take that back... I am currently beautifying my legs (and body) with more exercise and healthy eating.  When I saw a review of Grainline Designs Maritime Shorts pattern I immediately looked for more info about the pattern online.  Then, I went back to drool over and reread the reviews and finally, I ordered the pattern.  Of course, it sat around for a week or so, while I read through the instructions a few times, dug through the stash, and made sure I remembered how to sew and fit a pair of pants.  Uh huh... I actually went through the process in my head thinking of the best way to put it together.  In the end, I decided to just follow the directions given by the company.  They are acceptable, but not perfect. The fly zipper construction works, but Sandra Betzina has a better one, though hers doesn't have the fly guard.  Use hers and add the fly guard on before sewing on the waistband. 

I'll definitely be using this pattern in the Mini Wardrobe contest.  My test run garment turned out wonderful.  Here's my result.

Lovely and grey.  Not as soft and comfy as I'd like, but that's just because of the fabric choice. This is a very useable muslin, it won't be my favorite shorts, but I know it will be used.  I cut the inner waistband and pocket linings out of a soft cotton and like the way it adds a little bit of pop.  I'll be the only one seeing it, but doesn't it look great!

 I also added 1" to the hem, as the other reviewers did and I liked the length they had made theirs.  Other than that, this pattern is traced as a size 12, as according to my measurements and it fits true to size.  My real one will be made of this:

 It's a very soft, wide wale, deep plum corduroy.   I know, it looks black here, but it's not.   Very cooshy and cozy.   I'm really looking forward to wearing those!  

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Claire Sews said...

Cute shorts! Thanks for the great review. My DD has been wanting me to make her some.