Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A New Start!

Recently, I purchased a program called "Dressing Your Truth" by Carol Tuttle.  It has been enlightening and I'm beginning to allow myself to be truer to who I am.  It has been my belief that I'm a wimp and I needed to be tougher.  Tough love with my children (though I was never really successful at this since my softy side always interfered), turning away from softer "drab" (but appealing) colors, ignoring the fact that I really do like more feminine details over plain but practical clothing.   I always felt this was a waste of time and I needed to spend my time learning about things more pertinent to life...  you know,  like earning money, cooking meals, keeping the home in order, parenting.  I rarely put myself first or bothered to examine what I really like when it comes to my appearance.  And I did not value WHO I am, a gentle, slow and deliberate person.    

What I've discovered so far, is that a gentle nature is also VERY strong.  Our strength comes in the peaceful, relaxed and easy-going way we live everyday.  We help others slow down when they're going in circles.  We help others release when they need to rant.  We help others to stop and breathe for a minute, to appreciate what's around them.  And we just help others... Yes... I am a Type 2, a softy, a yin, and most importantly, a peacemaker.  What I once saw as a weakness, I now view as my greatest strength. 

That said, I just signed up for the Mini Wardrobe challenge being held on PatternReview.com and decided to start sewing some Type 2 clothing.  Thus the rebirth of my blog, and the name change.   Welcome to my blog.  :)   

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