Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Mini Wardrobe Entry #3: Jalie 2908 - stretch jeans

I made a pair of these jeans quite some time ago and loved the fit.  So I've made a new pair, according to my current measurements (slightly larger...)

I'm a petite 5'1" and don't have the long leggy look of the model on the pattern, but the fit still is nice for my body shape.

This is the 3rd piece for my Mini Wardrobe entry.  This time, I made the low-rise version... just to try it out.  I'm used to a slightly higher waistline, but this is pretty comfortable.  I used a dark indigo stretch denim with grey thread for all the accent stitching.  I discovered the perfect stitch on my machine for all that bold topstitching!  The Triple Stitch!  Yup... I'm lovin' it.  It's slower, but looks so much nicer than topstitching 2 or 3 times to attempt a bolder line.  The stitches are actually looking like individual stitches rather than blended together lines.  :)  Here you can see how nice that triple stitch looks on the back pockets.

I also added the same elastic waist treatment as I did on the Maritime Shorts.  Here's a pic showing the elastic sewn in before I sealed up the waistband.  It's really quite simple.

You simply stitch the elastic ends to the waistband where the side seams are.  I cut it about 2" smaller than the back waistline.  The hardest part it the topstitching along the top of the waistband.  Make sure you don't catch the elastic... in fact, make sure your elastic is thinner than then one I have here.  I barely fit it.  It snugs up well, but it was difficult to push the elastic out of the way to topstitch.

A few reminders when using this pattern:

1)  It's made for women with thinner or normal thighs.  The thick thighed (like me) will need a little extra space.  I squeezed out 1/4" extra out of the tiny seams (it's cut with 3/8" seam allowance) and this was barely enough for comfort.  But I'm currently in a health/beauty phase and have started taking better care of myself adding more veggies, less junk to my diet and started exercising daily.  So even if these jeans are snug, I'll still feel good wearing them.

2)  The zipper treatment is wonderful.  One tip here though, to help your zipper tab stay hidden a little better.   When sewing the zipper to the underlap (fig 25,26) sew close to the teeth.  When sewing the zipper to the overlap (fig 27) sew closer to the edge of the zipper tape.  Here are a couple of pics showing you how my zipper came out. I didn't discover this until after my jeans were completed. The zipper tab is pushed slight outward rather than tucking into the the underlap... next time I'll know.

3)  Don't forget about the major gaposis problem at the CB seam.  Again, I forgot about this happening the first time and spent an evening removing a whole lot of stitches to close it up.   It also brought the pockets closer together at the center... it doesn't bother me, but it's just something to be aware of. 

4)  These are LARGE pockets.  I like them 'cuz they fit my phone nicely, but I think they'd look nicer if they were perhaps 1/2" smaller.  It points down past my butt... does it make my butt look big?  LOL

Okay... I have one more piece to go to finish up my entries. When they're all done, I'll post pics of these garments on a body.  It just doesn't seem right to start wearing them until they're ALL ready.  :D

Hopefully I'll get to start on my jacket as well. I'm working on adapting the pattern now. But I might just save the sewing for the next contest (lined jacket). That's next month... 

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