Sunday, February 6, 2011


Pin Cushie (19something - January 27,2011) 
I murdered my pincushion.  No wait... it was a mercy killing.  He was bleeding sawdust pretty badly, and had lost his strawberry long ago.  There was nothing else I could do.  So I finally put him to rest. The sewing needles he kept as prisoners, locked away deep in his gut, were removed and will find a new home.  The Needlecase will be glad to take most of them in as many of them don't want to be separated from their family of sewing needles. But the remainder will probably be placed in a new pincushion.  Pins will remain in an orphanage box until a suitable pincushion has been found (or made).  I can't believe he had swallowed so many needles.  No wonder his last days were miserable.

His remains will be buried in Sewing Trash Memorial Waste Bin.  The family requests no flower pins please.

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