Sunday, May 9, 2010

Smallworks Celtic Dragon

 One of the projects I'm currently working on is a Smallworks Kells Wyvern.  The picture above is directly from the website of Melinda Small (link below) and is the pattern I'm using to make my own little mascot.  A while back, I made the Dragon pattern (#4063) offered by Simplicity and was dissatisfied with the results.  I reviewed it a few years ago on  Since then, I've been hoping to find a  pattern that looks a little more ... artsy... realistic... kinda... and  I found a line of wonderful patterns by artisan Melinda Small.  Her fantasy patterns are wonderfully detailed and instructions are very good.  I'm not a doll maker, maybe this is why my Simplicity Dragon was such a fail, so having every detail, from tools to stitch size is extremely helpful.

I've selected fabrics, traced patterns and cut them out.  Currently I'm putting it all together, which is taking a bit of time.  But here are a couple pics of my current status.

The pattern requires several fabric choices, and here are the selections I made:
The picture below is the current state of my dragon/mess.  The pieces are small and curves are tight, but her directions are very good.  I am finding this project to be difficult, but doable, and as long as I take my time, I think the little bugger will end up being a wonderful little mascot to guard my front door.  
More progress to be posted soon...  I'm hoping he'll be ready for his first flight within a month.

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