Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wardrobe Plan for Sensitive Skin

The PR contest has inspired me to create a new wardrobe and since I'm experiencing a terrible case of ultra sensitive skin, I thought it would be a good idea to make some softer, more comfortable things. I have lots of fabrics that'll work in my stash, but I know I'll need a couple of loosely fitted patterns for bottoms. Click on the image below for a larger view of the plan.

I'll need to stick with natural fibers, preferably cotton, silk, viscose (otherwise known as rayon), some linens and hemp fabrics if they are not rough. Lyocell (alias Tencel) will also work. Of course, look for smooth, soft, silky fabrics (Yippee! A really good excuse for buying some wonderful quality new fabrics!)
Clothing should be loosely fitted, avoiding creases and folds in the material. Rigid seams, closures, pockets and accessories should be avoided in areas where there is more pressure... like at the hips, where my skin seems to be most irritated!

Most of my fabrics were stash fabrics. And much of it is either cotton or rayon. I found a nice silk twill and hope I have enough for a dress. The only iffy fabric is that orange mesh floral... it's soft, but isn't a natural fiber. I'll line it with cotton jersey. Those two dresses are extras that I wanted to make for comfort.
I only purchased 1.5 yards of a very soft cotton denim. But I will need to pick up 2 patterns for pants/skirts. No time to draft, this time of the year gets really busy.

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