Friday, August 14, 2009

Back to work!

The kids are finally settling into school so I can concentrate on my sewing. Work things first, so I finished up the curtains, made a few more, and made a simple shower curtain.

Now I can do my own stuff till more work comes in... So I went to Walmart, and found this really nice white stiff fabric which would be perfect for my bathroom curtains. It would also be perfect for making blinds. I want to use if for both the shower curtain and the curtain... here's whats there now.

Actually, my DH just took down the remnant for the window since it blocks too much light and is hard to open and shut. I don't blame him... we have no neighbors in the back.

I have tons of barkcloth scraps and am sewing a strip together for a nice decorative trim for both curtains. The cutting is the most tedious part, but I hope to have it done soon.

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Katharine in Brussels said...

Totally OT, but reading the thread at PR I know my DMIL uses garden supply store bags of broken coconut shells to keep her and neighbourhood feral cats off her plant beds. It works. The thyme bush no longer has a suspicious odour and can be added uncooked to meals without concern. It's not a perfect solution for the entire yard, but HTH.