Monday, January 19, 2009

Halloween - Coast Guard Rescue suit

My son wanted to be a member of the USCG search and rescue unit this year. He got the idea from the LEGO site and actually was asking to be a LEGO Coast Guard rescue dude. Right... so we looked online and saw these orange suited rescue guys and thought it would work out fine.

I used a pattern from a very old Burda toddler magazine and bought a couple yards of orange cotton twill. Everything else was recycled (the zippers, the RESCUE patch was made on fabric from an old shirt). His helmet had a couple decals that had Carebears on it which I covered with some pictures of patches I found online. I added the headlamp and with his boots, it looked pretty good.
But down the street, there are a few houses all decked out for Halloween. It's the hit of the neighborhood, but it really frightens the little kids. Mine decided he wanted to go back home when he saw it. We walked for 10 minutes, he got a small bowl of candies and spent the rest of the evening passing out candy instead. Well, I guess I can donate this to the preschool when he tires of it. Someone will like playing RESCUE man...

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