Sunday, July 20, 2014

July: La Strada T-shirt by Hot Patterns

I realize I'm a little bit behind in my sewing goals, but I had some work to do and had to take care of the neglected chores. Yup... sewing first, then chores...  until it gets to be an intolerable mess.  LOL

So it's already the end of July and I haven't updated my blog for a couple months.  I made this top last month and am finally getting around to posting it.

 It's Hot Patterns 1167:Fast and fabulous La Strada T-shirt.  Check out the soft gentle lines on this one... all those flowing gathers and the curved hem.  And I'm loving this soft rayon knit... I think I got this fabric from and if I remember correctly, it was about 6.00/yd.  I squeezed most of it onto a 1 yard piece.  I did, however, make up the facing with a piece of  leftover grey rayon knit I had in my stash.

There is a problem with the armhole on this pattern.  I'm not sure, but I think the mark to end the armhole is missing.  There are some notches, but I raised my armhole by at least 1 1/2".  Here... let me show you the alteration to the side seam:
 It was also a little too big around the bust so I reduced the width a little bit when I fixed the armhole.  Next time, I'll cut one size smaller on top. All in all though,  I'll be making this top again.  And again... I really love this elegant, drapey top and would love to have more in my closet.

I've made a couple other tops using some of my knits, but nothing worth using out of the house.  I'm still refining a tank pattern and am also working on a v-neck top from Craftsy's Sewing with Knits class. Making good progress on those, so I'll post those next time...

I'm supposed to have at least one of quilt completed already so I've also been working on that in my spare time.  Hopefully my Craftsy BOM from 2012 will be done by August.  I'm learning a lot of Free Motion quilting techniques and am excited about the progress I'm making.

Back to the sewing room!  :)

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Nancy Winningham said...

I used gray rayon jersey when I made mine too! I agree, there is something wrong with the armhole. I tried ending at the notch, but then ended up adding another 2 inches. If I go up any further, it will restrict my arm, but as it is, you can still see my bra. I think I need to bring the whole thing in closer to the body. Yours looks great.