Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Moulage 2nd draft

I'm trying again. Realizing I probably made some mistakes (probably from trying to take measurements alone in the middle of the night when I was tired and without a mirror), I did a more careful set of measurements in INCHES instead of using cm.

I found a few discrepancies in my first set, mainly that the measurement for my shoulder length was only 3 1/4". I had used the 10cm measurement given by KK in his book. Also, I found out that if I relaxed my shoulders, my end of shoulder measurement was now almost 1" less, and my figure width was reduced by 3/4" as well. That'll bring the BPs up for sure!
I also figured out a better way to get my across back measurement. Rather than distorting my body while trying to hold one end of the tape measure at the start point, I wrapped the tape measure around my shoulders and back, read the starting number at the first measuring point, and the ending number, then calculated what my back width was.

Okay... so here's the NEW moulage sloper I drafted.

The hip curve is still weird. But you'll see a huge difference in the shoulder slope and bust points. I'm not so saggy after all! LOL Now, I have to sew this one up and see if it's any better...


gwensews said...

You do not appear to be "saggy" at all. If you are, I wish I was as saggy as you!

luckylibbet said...

The shoulder slope at the back looks - off - somehow.

After seeing the first draft on you, I totally concur with the side seam from waist through hip.

The first draft I did I believed Mr. King when he said every woman has 4 1/2 inch shoulders.

NOT! Mine are 3 1/2, and it sound like yours are even narrower.

Although I do have to say that every woman I've measured since has shoulders that are exactly 4 1/2 inches.

Good luck and I'm looking forward to seeing this draft sewn up and on you. You're definitely getting closer! and I have a feeling that this one will do it for you.