Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Jalie Jeans DONE! LOVE EM!

I love 'em so much I'm planning on doing a few more for my daughters and myself... definitely. Now... I have to find more stretch denim in my stash since I promised not to buy more fabric for a while. Either that or I have to sew more stash and make all those other projects I have fabric for. And here they are!

These fit wonderfully. If I were tall and leggy, they'd look like the picture on the pattern... but for my shape (petite and big thighed), they are very flattering! After adding the extra to the side seams for my saddlebaggy thighs, I added even more (1") for fitting insurance. I'm so glad I did because these definitely would be unflattering for my fat thighs without the extra space. I like snug jeans, but I'd rather they glide over the bulges than hug them. I also added an extra 1" at the top of the waist in case they were too low. Which I felt they were when I tried them on before applying the waistband.

Once I put the waistband on, it was fine. I love this pattern! I think if I had chosen a bigger size, and made view B, I would've had a better fit to start with.

The gaposis problem I had with the jeans. Instead of making darts, I just redid the CB seam. I think when I retrace the pattern, I'll trace a bigger size in view B and make some other adjustments to the CB seam and the yoke piece.I used Rocketboy's tutorial on waistbands (you can find it on page 31 of the jeans sew along at Patternreview), but had cut the lining on the straight grain. Next time, I'll cut on the bias. I don't mind the straight band, rather than contoured, but I would like a little more give when I eat...

And that wonderful waistband application:

I have the McCalls pattern to do. I don't know if I'll like this one... it was much shorter in the back and I don't like to have anything showing back there... ewwwww... I did make adjustments, adding more to the back crotch length. And it also has 1" extra fitting insurance, so we'll see.


gwensews said...

Nice looking jeans. Isn't it going to be great to be able to sew jeans that fit, instead of trying on 50 pair in the store? Good for you!

Dawn said...

WOW! These look great! I love that inside waistband lining; too cute! Isn't Jalie great? I'm very curious to see the comparison between the Jalie and McCalls.

Adrienne said...

Your jeans look great! I'm gathering all my supplies for mine now!

sheron said...

I'm very curious to see the comparison between the Jalie and McCalls.


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Tina said...

Thanks for your excellent review! I have been looking at this pattern for a while, but was scared that it only works for people who look like the model on the pattern envelope. Your jeans fit beautifully and are very flattering. Definitely adding the Jalie pattern to my wishlist.