Thursday, March 26, 2009


I spent last month sewing uniforms for the high school band and for a chorus group. What a lot of work... but now there's nothing for me to work on, just a few alterations. I wish my work was a little more steady, but I suppose these breaks give me a chance to catch my breath and work on things for my own family. And I can catch up on my housework.

Plans for this coming month (when I have slow periods):

Work on a suit for my daughter
Try out the new Jalie Jeans pattern
Make new business cards

Hopefully, the chorus group will have a picture to show so I can post it here...

HAHAHAHa I just reread my 2009 resolutions and had to laugh. Okay... lets get back on track. I'm going to put them in a list on the side of this page so I can see them every time I write a blog entry. I haven't followed it much, except for not buying more fabric and using my stash.

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